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The danger is real...

Fewer than


of existing drinkers
20-29 years
choose wine


of existing drinkers
30-39 years
choose wine

The most aspirational generation in history
is rejecting history's only aspirational drink.


Why spend $$$ cannibalising an existing market
when there's a huge number of non-wine consumers
– waiting to be switched to your wine brand.


Only Wine

has the history & heritage, the taste & inspiration

To offer a lifetime
of discovery & pleasure

To complement
GEN Y ideals

To inspire discernment,
judgment & restraint

To be the stylish alternative
to junk beverages

It's commercial gain
social responsibility hand-in-hand.


The old marketing
model is dead

Gen Y doesn't read traditional wine critics, nor respond to traditional advertising - whether print,
radio or TV. The digital age's most influential book - The Tipping Point - reveals how ideas
& products get social networking traction.

3 key influencers
connect people
& ideas
inspire & excite
spread the message
to all their contacts

Grab them
you grab the GENERATION.


Every winery has a message with generational resonance

Gen Y is



Chasing inspiration

Searching for meaning

Make your brands identity-defining
secure the brand loyalty of an untapped market.


Why wait for the inevitable?
Early movers always enjoy disproportionate benefits.


Love & Wine is a unique partnership between

Mitchell & Mitchell

(Brian Mitchell PhD & Evan Mitchell)

We are the authors of three books on wine, including the US hardcover publication The Psychology of Wine.

For nearly two decades we consulted to the FMCG industry, in strategic sales roles with US giants such as Kimberly-Clark, Gillette, and Universal Studios. We've written and consulted widely on the ideal positioning of wine within the dining experience. We are regular contributors to US Hotel Business Review, where Brian is an editorial board member.

Our article "The Future of Wine" was the first to highlight the dangers to Wine from a generational dumbing down of taste. This was further developed in a paper to the 2013 International WineHealth Conference – which outlined Wine's role in providing the responsible alternative to junk beverages.

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(We are REBORN, a Digital Creative Agency)

It's our calling to redefine the ways brands connect with people, and to ignite moments of meaning. We expect everything we do to be ingenious, insight-led, and polished to perfection. No matter what channel, media or technology we use, we create work that inspires.

We are 'Future Thinkers' and it underpins every single thing we do. Being 'Future Thinkers' is about being inquisitive. Hungry. Asking questions, especially the difficult ones other people aren't asking. Why? Because by understanding what 'the next big thing' will be, we can help clients take advantage of it right away.

Based in Sydney and Melbourne and a team of 40, we operate on a national scale. These days our ideas are getting international acclaim and being expanded into global markets. We work with the likes of Colgate, L’Oréal Paris, Peroni, Lion Dairy, Comvita, Deakin University, Fujifilm and Target. But really, we've only just begun.

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